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producer & engineer

"Float, which has a wide breadth but generally lands on songs with warm guitar tones that have a wandering, intimate nature which makes it feel like the self-discovery is happening as its being written." - STEREOGUM

"Needy immediately feels like Caliolo’s most impressive work to-date, each of the three tracks both memorable and endearing in their own right, drifting between weighty atmospherics and something altogether more forceful. - Gold Flake Paint

"Matt Battle of the band Oh Manitou contributes his engineering expertise here, and his ability to make the music pop and sizzle with electricity adds depth and interest." - CITY


"On its single 'Little Lost,' the freshly formed band delivers a radio-ready gem that highlights its members' known strengths in a glossy, electro-pop context." - Daniel J Kushner, CITY

"Little Lost, a new track from indie-electronic trio Gold Koa, sounds like an excursion without reservations." - Jason Klaiber

"Little Lost is a gorgeous, shimmering number from this brand new act. Endearing lyrics are the driving force throughout, making a strong emotional connection from the get-go. Instrumentals are lovely, to boot, offering up a warm, sunshine-y soundscape." Clayton Warwick

"Their developing palette features a fresh lyrical approach, evocative harmonic intuition, and astute arrangements — all of which evoke a sense of optimistic wanderlust." - Hassan Zaman


"The band's lineup is still fresh and still exploring its sonic identity yet Oh Manitou is already quietly making some of the best and most emotionally vulnerable music in Rochester." - CITY

"Their sound is alternative to its core, packed with luscious swooning vocals and the occasional unruly guitar riff." - FLOATED Magazine

"The songs, notably 'People I’d Like To Be' showcase immense talent as Oh Manitou embarks on quite the sonic journey." - Jake Sessanna


In a world of uncontrollable amounts of musical onslaught, it’s always nice to see something stand out above the monotony. - The Music Ninja

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